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Everyone Loves a Little Lover

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Britton Takes A Ride

So Convenient!

Talk about being the coolest kid on the block or boardwalk! The Little Lover is lightweight and foldable. Take it anywhere!

"...Perfect for the beach house... I just purchased three, one for each of the kids and one for my wife. Thanks so much for this cool little bike."

Peter C.

"Awwww... this is the cutest little ebike I've ever seen. I love the Little Lover, It's soooo cute!"

Lindsay R.

"...I couldn't believe how fast and powerful this little bike is!

Walter B.

Boardwalk Perfection!

Introducing the Little Lover DUCE

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A Derek Automotive Company

We're not some Johnny come lately... Derek Mobility is a division of Derek Automotive Technologies, the company building the 'Self-Charging' electric car and putting a lot of it's car tech into mobility products! First Dealership opening in Tampa Fla. in January 2021.

Get Yours. Start having fun!